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Tax Reduction Strategies and Money-Making Solutions for the Self-Employed

Is this the site for me?


YES—if you (or you and your spouse) own the business, this is the place for you. You can operate as a corporation, LLC, partnership, or proprietorship. You can be a professional, a retail store, or an independent contractor—it matters not—but you (or you and your spouse) must own the business to benefit from our strategies and solutions.


What do business owners like you say about our Tax Strategies?  "I discovered $10,000 in additional deductions" . . . more  


Free Seminars for your Self-Employed Group


Your self-employed group may qualify for a free seminar that puts cash in the bank for individual participants as they learn how to use tax law to keep more of the money they make. Free Tax Reduction Strategies Seminar for Your Group.


Tax Reduction Strategies Course for the Self-Employed


Learn how to identify $7,500 or more in self-employed tax deductions—guaranteed. You will probably do much better; the first-year average is in excess of $17,700—and you will likely realize these deductions every year you are in business. Business Tax Deductions.


Tax Newsletter


Congress, the IRS, and the courts continuously add new material to the body of tax knowledge. Tax Reduction Letter sifts this data to find money for you. This monthly newsletter is written for the business owner, but annotated for the CPA. Tax Reduction Letter.

New: Tax Reduction Letter is now online at


Paid Seminars


You can have W. Murray Bradford personally deliver his tax course to your convention or other meeting. Sessions can be as short as 90 minutes or as long as eight hours. Paid Tax Reduction Strategies Seminar for Your Meeting.