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Why the Bradford Tax Method?

The Bradford Tax Method is essential for any corporation, business, or association based on self-employed professionals. Live instruction from W. Murray Bradford helps all self-employed professionals lower their tax liability and organize their expenses, driving performance and profits for their business.


The Need to Be Informed


Current tax law requires all self-employed taxpayers to keep thorough, updated records for all of their business expenses. Failure to keep sound records not only disqualifies many people from potential tax deductions, it also puts them in jeopardy of huge penalties should they face an audit.


Surveys of more than 100,000 self-employed clients prove that the average self-employed professional does not know how to navigate tax law in the most financially beneficial way.


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Boost Your Performance and Profits


The Bradford Tax Method gives self-employed professionals a financial motivation to increase their prospecting and ask for new business more often. Valuable tax deductions for things like travel and entertainment expenses motivate self-employed professionals to discuss and present their businesses more often. The result is increased productivity and boosted profits for your entire group.


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Elite Education Materials


Each Bradford Tax Method participant receives an annotated course workbook. This resource includes more than 200 pages of lecture notes, graphs, and study aids that ensure maximium comprehension. Each workbook lesson is designed to complement the live program so frantic note-taking is never necessary.


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