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Survey Statistics

Survey responses from the more than 100,000 self-employed professionals who have attended W. Murray Bradford's live program give us a detailed picture of the average person's tax knowledge. Among other things, these survey responses tell us that:

  • Approximately 66% of the participants didn't know they could depreciate a file cabinet they purchased for business use in their home 
  • About 70% pay their children for business tasks, but only 15% knew they could deduct those payments 
  • Over 44% meet one of the requirements for taking a home-office deduction, but only 19% take advantage of it 
  • More than 81% perform business tasks in their home, but only 12% knew they could claim depreciation on desks, lamps, and other business equipment 
  • Roughly 36% have faced an IRS audit or lost money because of an audit 
  • 90% use their vehicle for both business and personal purposes, but 83% don't keep a mileage log separating business and personal mileage - a direct violation of tax law 
  • More than 90% had purchased their old corporate car, but only 6% knew about the tax problems this type of transaction presents 


These gaps of information, and thousands more like them, make it 100% necessary for any self-employed professional to participate in quality tax training.


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