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Cost and Format

For groups of up to 100 people, pricing for up to eight hours of Elite Group Training with W. Murray Bradford is $10,800, which includes travel and accommodations, in the US.  For groups over 100, the additional cost is only $50 per person, to cover course materials.  



Low Per-Person Cost for Elite Training

Here's how some groups have used the Elite Group Training.  Agents from a major insurance company gathered 40 people to share the cost of putting on the program.  The cost to each person was just $270!


Groups larger than 100 people and shorter timeframes are welcomed. Please contact us with your specific needs, and we will design an Elite Group Training program to meet them.



Your Elite Group Training session is completely adaptable to your timeframe. The Bradford Tax Method can be as short as 90 minutes, or run as long as eight hours. Simply contact us with your timeframe, and Mr. Bradford will design a training program that accomodates it.


Schedule Now!

To speak with a Bradford and Company Regional Resource Manager about an Elite Group Training session for your business or association, please contact us toll free at:


(877) 829-9673


Or via email at: