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Elite Group Training Course Topics

Elite Group Training will unlock thousands in new tax deductions and drive better business performance for your group. The Bradford Tax Method includes more than 140 proprietary tax reduction strategies, such as:

  • How to put the latest tax law to work for you
  • How proper documentation can save time and qualify you for more deductions
  • Guide to Section 179 Benefits
  • Almost 20 strategies on audit-proof entertainment deductions
  • More than 20 strategies on combining business deductions with travelling for pleasure
  • 15 reasons to hire family members for business tasks, and 11 benefits to family lease transactions
  • More than 20 strategies to maximize deductions for your business car or truck
  • How to produce tax-free income with a home office deduction and 11 strategies to build sound documentation for that deduction
  • How to reduce your chances of audit
  • To buy or lease your next business vehicle?
  • Choosing the right business entity - critical to your business health
  • Install a Section 105 Medical Plan now
  • Plus, many more tactics and best practices


All 140+ strategies are available for participants to review at any time in their course workbook!


A full day of tactically useful topics, explained in a dynamic way by W. Murray Bradford, is guaranteed to produce more deductions and organize expenses for any self-employed professional.

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