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Associations and Professional Groups

Tax Strategies Live

Add a truly educational event to your programming schedule with Tax Strategies Live. Every association or group member who attends Tax Strategies Live is guaranteed to learn how to find and document thousands of dollars in new deductions.

This course is a prototypical example of providing an executive level benefit to your members because it:


  • Maximizes your members' tax deductions through proprietary strategies
  • Motivates your members to expand their businesses and ask for sales more often
  • Boosts member satisfaction by creating more profits for your members
  • Improves business savvy among your group



Custom Designed Programs

Bradford and Company will custom tailor Tax Strategies Live for your meeting. Past programs have run from as little as 30 minutes, to as in-depth as 2 hours. Just tell your Regional Resource Manager your specific needs, and we'll do the rest!

More Details & Benefits
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Meet Our Instructors
Each Bradford and Company instructor is certified to teach the tax strategies developed by company founder and president, W. Murray Bradford. All Bradford and Company faculty members are routinely evaluated . . .  MORE


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