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Details and Benefits of Tax Strategies Live

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Why Is It Free?
Our Course and Your Accountant


Course Overview


Tax Strategies Live focuses on the daily tax reduction possibilities for any self-employed professional. A certified Bradford and Company instructor will show your members how to enjoy their self-employed status through many profit boosting strategies, including:

  • Vehicle and mileage deductions 
  • Dutch-treat rules that inspire your members to ask for referrals and prospect while playing golf, going to the movies, or attending other social and sporting events 
  • Plus, how members who spend time learning new business skills from each other can deduct their trip to the movies, the golf course, or any other fun activity 
  • Record keeping instruction helps get your members more organized and saves them hundreds of hours a year 
  • Plus, how keeping the right records in the right way can open-up a whole new world of tax deductions 




Tax Strategies Live will be custom tailored to your meeting. Past programs have run from as little as 30 minutes to as in-depth as 2 hours. Simply tell us your time requirements, and our instructor will do the rest.




We come to you. Our faculty member will come to your office or offsite meeting place, wherever it may be.




Your course is complimentary, and it entitles your group to a special discount on our "Tax Strategies for the Self-Employed" On-the-Go Course.


Why is it FREE?


Tax Strategies Live not only provides tactical business education for your group, it also helps us better understand the common tax issues within your specific industry. In return for that help, Bradford and Company charges you nothing for Tax Strategies Live and gives all live course participants a discount on the retail price of our "Tax Strategies for the Self-Employed" On-the-Go Course.




It is easy for your group to qualify for Tax Strategies Live. You need a group of 7 or more people who make their living from 1099 income, are self-employed or own a one-owner (or husband and wife owned) business; it's that simple.


Our Course and Your Accountant


Accountants are like computers. They cannot perform any better than the quality of the information they are given. Your accountant could take care of your taxes if your accountant followed you around every day and recorded all of the money you spend and every place you go. Since that's probably not an option, you have to know what you can and cannot deduct. Plus, you have to know how to document those deductions. This documentation is what allows your accountant to be more aggressive on your behalf.


Praise for Tax Strategies Live:


"I was responsible for finding a program that could make a serious difference in the financial lives of our members. I thought hard and long about all the many meetings I have attended in my 21 years in business for myself. In all those years, only a very few stood out as making a significant difference in my profitability. That's why I chose Murray Bradford's Tax Strategies Live for my group. The program was a great success."
- Frank Santos, Program Chairman and Vice President, Palm Beach Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, Florida


"Perfect 10 rating. Everything was just great. Everybody was excited about the presentation. He told them things they didn't know. He got his point across. He was clear and easy to understand. He kept everybody's attention."
- Angela Brooks-Reese, Mesquite Real Estate Association, Nevada


"They loved him! The instructor did exactly what we wanted him to - keep our attention. He brought things we either didn't know at all, or didn't know applied to us. Everyone was happy. Not one person said anything negative."
- Jack Williams, California Association of Mortgage Brokers, Orange County, California




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