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Client Praise for the Bradford Tax Method

All Elite Group Training participants are asked to evaluate the course upon its completion. Over the past 30 years, 99.7% of Mr. Bradford's self-employed tax training clients have rated The Bradford Tax Method as "excellent" or "very good."


Here is a select list of client responses:


"I was responsible for finding a training program that could make a serious difference in the financial lives of our members. I thought long and hard about all the many meetings I have attended in my 21 years in business for myself. In all those years, only a few stood out as making a significant difference in my profitability. And Murray’s program is one of them. That’s why I chose it for my group."

 - Frank Santos, Palm Beach Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors


"Who wouldn’t like to save money through tax strategies – Mr. Bradford’s talk made it simple and easy to understand."

 - Felix Chu, New York Life


"Understanding tax law and making it work for you is far different than pushing the envelope with risky loopholes. Murray knows his stuff. These strategies are for real."

 - Gordon T. Case, Jr., Signator Financial Network


"Excellent content. The training was right on target and offered information we could all implement. Murray is a great communicator and keeps the course flowing and the audience engaged."

 - Solomon Funny, SF Builders Corporation


"This is one of the most real-world, beneficial, financial training programs I have ever attended."

 - Daniel Marrhaidess, Lutheran Brotherhood


"This was time well spent and money well invested. If you’re self-employed, this training cannot be missed. The price of other training programs is comparable, but the cost of missing this one is too great. It actually produces results."

 - Rick Cross, Menendez Financial


"This training was just what I was looking for! The material was presented in a thorough, concise format with an excellent workbook for future reference. I personally discovered over $10,000 in additional deductions before the noon break."

 - R. Keith Fulton, Fulton Insurance Agency


"Travel, cars, and home office examples fit every participant’s situation. Murray’s excellent sense of humor blended with the course content to really hold our attention. This class should be mandatory for anyone who’s self-employed."

 - Catherine Martin, Mary Kay Cosmetics


"The cost of this training is infinitesimal compared to how much money you can save through scheduling it."

 - Chris Marshall, Insurance Agent


"I appreciate Murray’s straight-forward presentation and laymen’s language. I am actually thrilled to do my taxes now. Murray saved me a bundle of money."

 - Karen Dayley, Prudential Northwest Properties


"This training put more money in my pocket than I would have earned even if all my clients had made purchases today."

 - Suzanne Dev, Coldwell Banker Hunneman


"Excellent! Pertinent and timely. Murray gives real examples and complete explanations in a professional manner. His mix of humor and class involvement make for a superior training program."

 - Nancy Rossman, Colliers Classic Real Estate


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