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Elite Group Training

Elite Group Training is live, hands-on tax reduction education for any self-employment based corporation, business, or professional group. Taught by company Founder and President, W. Murray Bradford, The Bradford Tax Method is guaranteed to show your self-employed group how to boost performance and increase profits.


Video Preview: The Bradford Tax Method
Click to watch a short preview of Mr. Bradford conducting an Elite Group Training session . . .  MORE


Why The Bradford Tax Method?
The Bradford Tax Method is essential for any self-employment based corporation or self-employed professional association. Mr. Bradford’s instruction will lower tax liability and organize business expenses for any self-employed professional . . .  MORE


Clients and Testimonials
The Bradford Tax Method is a proven education program. Nearly 30 years of client evaluation data and tax law research have evolved The Bradford Tax Method into its current edition. Mr. Bradford has presented his tax education to hundreds of successful self-employment based businesses and associations . . .  MORE


Customized Education
More than 100,000 self-employed professionals now use The Bradford Tax Method to reduce their tax liability and organize their business. Our client base, and three decades of program success have developed more than 30 unique audience profiles . . . MORE


Cost and Format

Many businesses and associations sponsor Elite Group Training as an executive benefit or required education program. Other clients use Elite Group Training to generate revenue for their group . . .  MORE

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