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Educating self-employed professionals on tax reduction is Bradford and Company's core competency.  One-on-one contact and interpersonal relationships will always be an important aspect of education. That's why Bradford and Company offers any self-employed office, group, or association a FREE tax strategy course with one of our talented tax reduction instructors.






Associations & Professional Groups
Professional associations such as dental or legal groups, realty or home-building associations, and even small business groups all rave about Tax Strategies Live. Each course is custom designed for your group's particular timeframe . . .  Tax Reduction Seminars for Associations & Professional Groups


Office & Sales Meetings
Managers in the real estate, financial, and insurance industries report Tax Strategies Live motivates their teams to do more prospecting and ask for sales more often. Custom designed courses produce motivated professionals and bottom-line results through your regular office meeting . . .  Tax Reduction Seminars in Your Office


Meet Our Instructors
Each Bradford and Company instructor is certified to teach the tax strategies developed by company founder and president, W. Murray Bradford. All Bradford and Company faculty members are routinely evaluated . . .  Tax Reduction Seminar Instructors



Why Tax Reduction Strategies?
The Tax Foundation reports that taxes are the single biggest expense for Americans - bigger than housing and food combined. Imagine then, the much larger impact that taxes have on self-employed professionals, burdened with the 15% self employment tax . . .  Why Choose Tax Reduction Strategies Seminar?


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