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Tax Reduction Letter

The old Tax Reduction Letter was good . . .

  • written for the self-employed business person . . .  but annotated for the CPA 
  • helped you help your CPA help you!
  • up-to-date . . .  full of strategies and examples
  • real world question-and-answer sections



                                  but the new online version is even better! 


You get the same clear, informative, useful and well-researched content.  You also get a format with search capacities, links to research and other articles, a searchable archive of back issues, and interactive tools.




With the online Tax Reduction Letter:

  1. You receive the monthly issue with additional resources that help you make money and audit-proof your deductions, such as the Section 105 medical plan document in both Word and PDF format, and the online software for analyzing the home purchase decision.
  2. You receive the monthly issue with links to other issues that add valuable background.
  3. You can print the entire current issue with one click (select the issue and click the link at the bottom).
  4. You can print individual articles with one click at the top right-hand side of each article.
  5. You have access with one click to the endnote detail, such as the tax code, IRS regulation, court case, or other document.
  6. You have access to back issues containing more than 462 Tax Reduction Letter articles.
  7. You can search for articles by topic.
  8. You can find articles by using our search tool that allows searches by word, by exact phrase, and by all words.



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