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On-the-Go Course: Find $17,700 in New Deductions! How You Can Pay Less Tax This Year!

Dear business owner:

It's true.

The IRS loves you!

Why do I say that?

Well, you are self-employed (or operate as a one-owner corporation).

And the current IRS tax code has literally dozens of juicy deductions built into it that only self-employed and one-owner taxpayers can take.

These deductions can add up to savings of many thousands of dollars in tax payments -- savings so large it's almost unfair to people who are NOT self employed or don't have their own businesses!

However there's a problem...

The IRS doesn't automatically take those deductions for you -- or apply them to your tax return if you forget to claim them.

You have to know what deductions are available to self-employed taxpayers and one-owner businesses ... the latest updates and changes to the tax codes ... and how to apply them to your particular situation.

It's a real catch-22

Failing to take all the deductions you are entitled to could cost you thousands of dollars in tax payments to the IRS that you aren't really required to make.

Taking deductions you're not entitled to -- or can't back up with the required documentation -- can cost you thousands of dollars in interest and penalties.

That's why I created my manual Business Tax Deductions for one-owner and spouse-owned businesses (proprietorships, S corporation, C corporations, limited liability companies, 1099, and statutory employees).

My name is Murray Bradford, CPA. In 1979, I began developing tax strategies for the self-employed and one-owner businesses. Today I have more than half a million business owners and self-employed business professionals who have benefited from the tax-saving advice in my programs.

In Business Tax Deductions,

You learn about deductions that can save you lots of money on your tax bill. Including:

  • How to deduct up to $734 per day for your business travel transportation - page 15.
  • 5 things you must prove to the IRS to deduct entertainment without raising an eyebrow - page 49.
  • Is having a home office a red flag for IRS audits? Page 61.
  • How to deduct 100% of the cost of a home repair even when your home office takes only 10% of the house - page 66.
  • How to sell your home for a profit of up to half a million dollars without owing a nickel to the IRS - page 85.
  • How to hire your spouse without paying payroll taxes - page 89.
  • How to deduct up to $125,000 (or more, with inflation adjustments) for the cost of your vehicle - page 125.
  • 36 items in your building that can be depreciated like equipment - page 142.
  • How to get a business travel deduction by watching a DVD - page 19.
  • Are Shriners, Masons, Kiwanis, Elks, or Rotary Club dues deductible? Page 41.

Why your accountant doesn't know all of these strategies

"Why do I need your tax manual, Murray?" you may be thinking. "My accountant will know all these things, right?"

No, and here's why: Your accountant is busy 50 to 60 hours a week (more during tax season) preparing client tax returns, doing audits, helping clients negotiate loans, and a zillion other things. The only tax education most practicing CPAs get is the occasional tax seminar they attend, maybe one or two during the year.

By comparison, I spend 100 to 130 hours a month researching, studying, and writing about IRS regulations and changes in the tax code. So I have the luxury of keeping current with all the myriad opportunities there are for you to slash your tax payments and save money.

And you'll find them all in the latest edition of my manual Business Tax Deductions!

Tax-saving strategies like:

  • 4 factors that determine whether you should buy or lease your next business vehicle - page 171.
  • Make money by filling your offices and reception area with valuable antiques - page 147.
  • 5 situations in which you can deduct the cost of a large, lavish party - page 39.
  • An easy way to deduct the cost of your commute to and from work - page 179.
  • Save big tax dollars by hiring your dependent children in your business - page 193.
  • LLC, C corporation, S corporation - which is best for you? Page 214.
  • Can you deduct your private golf club membership as a business expense? Page 40.
  • How to avoid double taxation on your business income and gains - page 227.
  • Why you should not accept checks made out to your name instead of your corporate name - page 237.
  • The only 2 expenses you can deduct when entertaining for business on your boat - page 41.
  • 12 ways to reduce your chances of an IRS audit - page 259.

Praise for my tax-saving strategies!

"This course was well worth the money. I will easily deduct $20,000 or more off of my taxes than I currently deduct."

Dennis Ranch

Kirkland, WA

"This material is very relevant. You will use it immediately. The course is excellent, entertaining, and never boring. Murray Bradford's Tax Strategies saved me thousands. Now that's time well spent!"

Hal Stewart

DDS, Flower Mound, TX

"Your course has saved me thousands of dollars simply by changing how I document what I already did ... much more helpful than years with CPAs and professional financial planners."

Beverly Agnew

DDS, Tucson, AZ

"Makes you think of the IRS in a new way--the Immense Refund Service!"

Evan Schuster

Albuquerque, NM

"I work hard to make my money. This course showed me I don't have to work hard to keep it. Just work smart!"

Donna Mahoney

Windham, NH

"I wish I had bought this course years ago--JUST AWESOME!"

Joshua Helman

MD, Orlando, FL

Just look at all you get

Tax Strategies for the Self Employed is not just a "book." It is a complete system to help you maximize your business and personal tax savings under the current law.

Just look at all you get ....

  • Tax Strategies Manual ... an oversize 288-page guide to deductions, tax breaks, and savings available only to self-employed taxpayers. Features clear, plain English interpretations of the tax laws and hundreds of money-saving tax reduction strategies. Value: $397.50.
  • Audio course ... 9 long-playing, professionally recorded CDs in a handsome carrying case that turns your car into a "tax-savings university" so you can learn the most valuable tax-saving strategies for self-employed taxpayers while you drive to and from work. Value: $397.50.
  • Video tutorial ... an online video shows you visually how to accurately complete the most important tax forms for money saving opportunities. Value: $99.
  • Tax updates ... your Tax Strategies manual stays up-to-date, because it is updated throughout the year to reflect current tax laws. These updates are posted to a special web page which, as a registered owner of my program, you can access 24/7. Value: $200
  • E-mail support ... as a system owner, you get a special e-mail address. It's my personal e-mail address. And you can use it to ask me any question about the program materials, which I answer fully, completely, promptly, and without charge. Value: at least $375.
  • Phone support ... should your CPA disagree with or have questions about one of my tax-saving strategies, I will host a three-way conference call with you, me, and your CPA to clarify any questions or doubts he has. Value: at least $500.

And in return, you'll profit handsomely from tax-saving strategies like these:

  • How to deduct groceries as a business expense - page 38.
  • 5 things you must prove to the IRS to deduct entertainment - page 49.
  • 7 ways to make your entertainment facility immune from the no-deduction rule - page 45.
  • How to deduct up to 90% of the cost of your car - page 63.
  • How one taxpayer deducted landscaping and lawn care and you might too - page 67.
  • Can hiring helpers ruin your home office deduction? page 58.
  • A little-known secret that qualifies you for the home-office deduction even when you have an office downtown - page 63.
  • 8 ways to maximize your home office deductions - page 64.
  • How to deduct 100% of your health insurance premiums, long-term care premiums, and out-of-pocket medical as a business expense - page 87.
  • Can you prepay next year's office rent and claim the deduction now? Page 118.
  • Will the IRS let you deduct the cost of getting your shirts laundered after you return from a business trip? The answer may surprise you - page 23.

Total: $1,976

You pay only: $795

Your savings: $1,181

You save over $1,000!

Of the 100 to 130 hours a month I spend studying the IRS code, I dedicate at least 80 hours a month of my time to researching and interpreting tax law for my readers and subscribers. Multiply that by my hourly rate of $375, and that's $30,000 a month in research invested in keeping my program accurate, easy to use, and current -- $360,000 of my research over the course of a year.

But you won't pay anywhere near that.

Sold separately, the components of my Business Tax Deductions program retail for $1,976 - nearly sixteen hundred dollars. And that's a drop in the bucket compared to the tax savings my system will generate for you.

But order today, and you pay only $795 ... my lowest price ever ... you save over a thousand dollars!

And you'll consider it well worth that small investment, for within the pages of the manual, you will discover:

  • How to get a business deduction for scuba diving - page 279.
  • How to deduct the cost of your private plane as a business expense - page 281.
  • 3 ways the federal government wants to rob you of your social security benefits - page 247.
  • Why it's a bad idea to loan money to your own corporation - page 241.
  • Own an S corporation? Keep your salary low. But don't pay yourself zero - page 233.
  • 22 strategies for surviving an IRS audit - page 258.
  • How to put away up to $55,500 this year for retirement without tax hassle - page 201.
  • Hidden pitfalls in borrowing from your 401(k) - page 205.
  • How to slash social security and Medicare taxes - page 224.
  • How to deduct the cost of a motor home - page 125.
  • How to prevent the IRS 179 recapture rule from forcing you to give back deductions - page 133.
  • And so much more....

Best of all, most of the new deductions you find in Business Tax Deductions apply every year you are in business. Think of this new cash flow as income from an annuity: you see the cash every year, year after year, producing a terrific return on your small investment in my program.

$17,700 guaranteed or your money back

Our research shows that on average, the self-employed professionals and business owners who use my Tax Strategies solution save $17,700 per year or more on taxes!

I'm confident you will do as well or better than they are. In fact, I guarantee it.

That's right. If, after using the tax-saving strategies in my program, you don't shave at least $17,700 off your income tax returns, just let me know.

Then return Business Tax Deductions to me within 90 days for a full and prompt refund of every penny paid.

That way, you risk nothing.

So what are you waiting for?

To order Business Tax Deductions, simply call toll-free 877-829-9673.

Murray Bradford, CPA

P.S. Here are just a few more of the tax-saving tips you'll find in my Business Tax Deductions system:

  • How to sell your old business vehicle without paying any taxes on the gains - page 161.
  • Starting up a new business? Here are 8 start-up expenses you can deduct - page 263.
  • Get a nice tax break when you total your car - page 189.
  • 7 myths about mileage deductions - page 182.
  • Deduct close to 100% of the lease payments for your new BMW or Jag - page 175.
  • Accelerate your depreciation deductions up to eightfold - page 139.
  • Get a write-off for the cost of long-term care insurance through your business - page 93.
  • How to avoid taxes on the sale of your home - page 77.
  • Rules for deducting season tickets to sporting events - page 37.
  • Take your employees on a cruise and deduct everything - page 32.

Order now and you save $1,181

Get an unconditional 90-day money-back guarantee of satisfaction. There's no risk. You can't lose!

About the author

W. Murray Bradford, CPA, has been in the tax reduction business since 1979. His unique ability to execute self-employed tax research and explain it in plain English has made him the leading tax reduction expert for one-owner and husband-and-wife-owned businesses. His tax reduction courses have been sponsored by the California Medical Association, American Psychiatric Association, and American Dental Association.

Murray's proprietary tax strategies have saved hundreds of millions of dollars for more than half a million program participants nationwide. In addition to appearances on hundreds of local and national radio and TV shows, Mr. Bradford has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Money, Fortune, USA Today, and Journal of the American Society of CLU. Prior to starting his tax reduction practice, Murray worked for Price Waterhouse. He holds active CPA licenses in California and Minnesota and is a member of the California Society of CPAs, Greater Washington DC Society of CPAs, Minnesota Society of CPAs, and the American Institute of CPAs.